Tranquility Behavioral Health
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Dear New Client,

Thank you for choosing to begin this journey with us. No matter what the response has been from your immediate friends, families, or inner critic, I believe you are making the best decision. Pursuing mental healthcare is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable to share. As your mental health provider, I am honored that you chose this process as your vehicle to healing.

If this is your first time in treatment, welcome. My guess is that getting started can be pretty scary. Talking to someone you do not know about things that make you uncomfortable, sad, angry, overjoyed, or embarrassed. However, I would like to reassure you that this process is here to help you grow. There are certain elements necessary in treatment in order to maintain a space of positivity, growth, and healing. Yet, you are not responsible for maintaining those elements. That is my responsibility and it is imperative that I maintain a judgment-free space, a space that is challenging but comforting, and a process that is enlightening as well as retrospective. Be open with your mental health provider about your experience as it unfolds. And if it is not the experience you were hoping to have, I hope you advocate for yourself and seek support elsewhere if no remedy is made.

For those who have been to treatment before and are starting again, welcome back! Whether you’re trying a new mental health provider after a not-so-good experience, or whether you’re returning because previous your experience has helped you foster a sense of trust in treatment and its benefits, you are welcome here as well. I am glad that you have returned to treatment to continue your personal growth. I hope that your time in treatment will be as positive as your therapeutic journeys, or that it will allow new growth that was stifled by a prior unhelpful experience. Returning to treatment after some time will likely mean revisiting work that you did before and figuring out together with your mental health provider what your goals are now. It will be helpful to share with your new mental health provider about your past experiences, so that together you can foster a trusting and beneficial relationship. It is our genuine hope that every client that comes to our practice, journeys along their therapeutic path with a renewed sense of understanding and self-appreciation.


Brenda Lingham, APN